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Film Title Sequence / Creative Director / 2014
Produced at Ivanist

The story of the film "My Brilliant Life" is about a boy who has the extremely rare disorder called "Progeria," which makes him age rapidly. When he was seventeen, which was the age of his parents when he was born, his body was about eighty years old. When he sensed that his time was near, he decided to write a story of his parents as a last gift.

In this title sequence, we used several metaphors to show his wish. As a day changes from morning to midnight and a season flows from spring to winter, his life fulfills a full cycle. However, as a day and a season are once again greeted by a new day and a season, his story also lives in his parents' heart.

Creative Director / Heebok Lee
Producers / Soyoung Kim, Jin Seo

Designer / Kina Choi
Assistant Designer / Jane Ro

3D Artists / Leeyoung Kim, Jongsoo Kim, Hongchan Kim