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Film Title Sequence / Creative Director / 2012
Produced at Prologue Films

// Watch the movie here //

This was my second film title sequence for the director, James McTeigue, after Ninja Assassins. The Raven is the suspense thriller of a serial killer whose murder methods are inspired by the story of Edgar Allan Poe. As the detective and the writer unravel the mystery behind the clues, the tension intensifies and builds up to the climax.

For the sequence, the director wanted something unconventional. We borrowed the Cubistic style to show the complexity of the story. Our motif was the multi-angled raven, and it transforms as the visual progresses.

Creative Director / Heebok Lee
Executive Producer / Kyle Cooper
Producer / Unjoo Byars
Stop Motion / kangmin Kim
Typographer / Jiyun Ha
Designers / Heebok Lee, Onur Senturk
Animators / Daniel Klohn, Jeiko Soh

Music / 'Burn My Shadow' by Unkle